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Why Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Actually Broke Up

It’s hardly a news now that female rapper, Nicki minaj and her Philadelphian  rapper boyfriend, Meek Mill broke up during her birthday weekend last month…and clearly, it wasn’t a cheating issue that caused it.
Sources close to the ex-couple tell TMZ … they weren’t getting along in Turks and Caicos, because he was hanging with friends and not paying attention to her.

She went nuts on him, he got pissed and left the island without her, and she said, “Screw this,” and ended the relationship. Just that simple.

There are reports Meek had been cheating with a woman named Sonye Rasool and that’s what set off Nicki. Sonye professes she and Meek hooked up years before Nicki came into the picture, but fully denies any cheating and adds … she’s about to file defamation lawsuits against several outlets.She also asserts she understands truth is a defense, but has no fear.


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