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What Do You Think About Nigerians With This Attitude|Must Read

On ATMs’ and Multiple Cards, What NOTs’

So, on this really hot day, you go shopping in a store that has no POS, and you buy more goods than you can afford at that moment. To ensure you don’t embarrass your entire generation, you dash off to the nearest ATM machine. On getting there, you discover a queue (heaven forbid that you just withdraw your money and leave in peace), anyways, you have no choice but to wait. It’s really hot and you are at one of those ATM galleries without the gallery, imagine your discomfiture. So far so good, the queue has been moving progressively, no hiccups, that is, until one man made a first withdrawal, removed the card, and inserted another card. Made another withdrawal, removed that card, and made to insert another card yet again!!! Hol upppppppppppp

Have you ever been in this situation? Where people make withdrawals with different ATM cards, while a queue is behind them? Or when some people just pop up from nowhere, and give their ATM cards to someone very close to making a withdrawal?

I’ve witnessed fights break out at ATM galleries for these reasons. Some Nigerians are very against it, and are of the opinion that for each turn you get, you should make your withdrawals with one card, especially when there is a long queue of people waiting to get back to various things. Some people don’t consider it much of a big deal, because according to them, they can use their turn for as long as they like.

Which opinion is politically correct? Which opinion do you guys think is correct? We would love to hear from you. Drop your comments in the comment section below.


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