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Survivor Says Their Was Nothing Incidental In IDP Bombing.

So it reportedly claimed by one of the IDP bombing survivors that the IDP settlement bombing was no mistake as bomb had been dropped on them three times.

As its already established that the Nigerian Army fighter jet on Tuesday was reported to have accidentally bombed the IDP settlements.
Speaking on the sad situation which led to the death of several civilians, Abdulwahab Adam, in a chat with Punch disclosed that the fighter jet dropped bomb on the area three times.

The survivor who along with others is now  receiving treatment at the General Hospital in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital said: “The bombs were dropped on us thrice and there was no way a mistake could be made thrice.”

speaking further on the attack, the survior pointed that there was nothing accidental about the air strike.

“There was nothing accidental about the attack and it could not be referred to as a mistake.

“The Federal Government should stop telling Nigerians that it was a mistake; for this was not. It was nothing but an unprovoked attack on a civilian populace.

“This was not a new camp and the attack happened when people queued up to receive humanitarian materials.”

Abba Yusuf,anothersurvivor of the attack, said: “This is the same force that told the world that they did not drop the bomb on insurgents in the Sambisa Forest because of human shield but weeks later, dropped bombs on unarmed civilians in an IDPs’ camp.

“Could they have been blindfolded to know that we were in a queue and we were unarmed or could they have mistaken the IDPs camp for the haven of insurgents?”


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