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Staying Warm and Looking Good!

Hey guys! So, I’m sure by now y’all are already feeling the harmattan in full force, especially those of you in the northern region of the country. While it is essential to stay warm, looking good doesn’t have to go with the wind ( see what I did there ?) Anyways, we will be bringing to you fashion essentials to slay and stay warn at the same time in this season.

Sunglasses: Good shades are a must have this season. Asides from the cold, harmattan is characterized by dust, a lot of it. You would want to protect your eyes from this, so, keep it handy. The key is to get one that fits the shape of your face just right.

Head warmers: Yep, the wooly head gear, very handy. Not only does it keep your ears warm, it is also a great fashion statement. There is also the fact that guys in head warmers, if worn correctly look totally hot!

Long sleeved tops: Long sleeved tops and skirts will definitely serve you better. It will protect your skin better from the elements.

Blazers: When most people think blazers, they immediately think “stuffy executive”. But, fashion has evolved to the point where this notion no longer holds true. You can rock a well fitting blazer to stay warm in this weather. Be it a jean blazer, or a suit blazer, as long as you wear it well, you cannot go wrong.

Scarves: Wooly neck scarves and the Arabian style scarf are the thang now!! Really, it gives you this chic and classy look that is just irresistible!

Boots: It is essential to get the right foot wear for the weather. You should be looking to wear something that protects your feet from the cold, and from the dust. This basically means no open sandals and shoes, at least for now. Boots, and covered shoes generally will serve you better.

Mositurize!!! This is not a fashion piece, but really, what is the point of looking good, when you still have chapped lips and flaking skin. Therefore, pay more attention to keeping your skin moisturized. Drink a lot of water, apply clear lip balm, or shea butter to prevent your lips from chapping.

There you have it guys! Who says you can’t stay warm, and still slay at the same time? Enjoy the weather y’all, and may the force be with you.


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