Mourinho Says Fans Will Do Anything To Make Ibrahimovic Stay One More Season

Mourinho Says Fans Will Do Anything To Make Ibrahimovic Stay One More Season

Jose Mourinho claims the fans at Manchester United will do anything, including camp outside of Ibrahimovic ’s house to keep at the club for one more year.

The Swede,Ibrahimovic has not signed a contract extension, with his one year contract due to expire at the end of the season.

But Jos Mourinho, believes the Old Trafford faithfuls will do anything to ensure he stays for an extra year after his double helped them claim the EFL Cup.

“If needed, United fans can go to the door of his house and stay there all night,” Mourinho told reporters after Ibrahimovic’s 87th-minute winner.

“I never beg – but if needed I think they will go for sure. We all want him to stay with us for one more season and we all believe he is going to.”

Mourinho commended the Swede, Ibrahimovic ’s bold decision to come to England so late in his distinguished career and hailed the impact he has made at United.

“I was his manager – I know the potential,” said the manager.

“Only a silly player comes to England at 35 years old, with the successful career that Zlatan has, only a silly player comes here if he doesn’t feel he can do it.

“Who better to know, him or me or you? To take the challenge to come to a country like England, a club like Manchester United.

“When he takes that decision he feels he is ready. It is his credit, not my credit. It is his merit, everything for him.”


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