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Mourinho Affirms Schweinsteiger To Stay For Europa

Reports have emerged that as Bastian Schweinsteiger scored in United’s win over Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup, Mourinho has since affirmed he’ll be staying and joining the Europa squad.

The 32-year-old veteran midfielder started against Wigan Athletic, his first start of the season and third appearance so far.

Mourinho kept Schweinsteiger out when he joined United in the summer, but the former Germany international started training with the squad in December and will be staying at Old Trafford.

Mourinho said: “Yes, he is staying. He is going to in the Europa League list because we opened spaces with (Memphis) Depay and (Morgan) Schneiderlin (leaving).

“We don’t have many players, and we don’t have many options in midfield. Ninety minutes (against Wigan) was probably too for Bastian, from minutes 65-70 it was hard for him but now I think he is happy.

“He was a good professional when he was not playing, and after having some minutes he will be the same. With so many competitions and games he will be an option.”


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