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Messi’s Statue Destroyed as Ronaldo wins FIFA Best Player Award

One of the two best players ever in soccer history was shocked as vandals cut his tribute statue made to impress him so as to bring him out of national retirement.
The move was successful as Messi was impressed by the statute, located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires, is part of a ‘Glory Walkway’ honoring Argentine sports stars.

Before it was vandalized
The figure, which was constructed in an attempt to help convince the five-time Ballon d’Or winner to return to the national team during his brief retirement from the Albiceleste this summer, was found missing its top half.

After it was vandalized.

“The statue of Lionel Messi fell victim to an act of vandalism that left the footballer’s sculpture without its top half,” the Buenos Aires city government said in a statement.

“Its repair is now being worked on.”

The statue is located on the “Paseo de la Gloria” with other Argentine athletic figures such as tennis champion Gabriela Sabatini and NBA and world champion Manu Ginobili among others.

Coincidentally, this happened the same day CR7, his rival, won the FIFA Best Player of 2016 award.


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