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Man City vs Monaco UCL 1st leg : Hottest match so far in 2017

Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz|Venue: Etihad Stadium|Attendance: 53,351
  • Raheem Sterling26
  • Sergio Agüero58
  • Sergio Agüero71
  • John Stones77
  • Leroy Sané82
  • Falcao32
  • Kylian Mbappe40
  • Falcao50
  • Falcao61


This was an eight-goal frenzy at the Etihad Stadium in which the lead changed hand four times in a way that blows the minds of career control freaks like Guardiola, and yet, in a strange way it encapsulated so much of his triumphs and frustrations at City. There was proof, for instance, that they still cannot defend but on a night like this so much happened that it was possible to have forgotten that particular cold reality by the end of it.

This was chiefly about the goals and the liberation of two teams who concentrated on what they did best and simply lived with the rest. City started with a game plan that looked, among other things, like it was specifically designed to end Nicolas Otamendi’s career as he was flayed by the pace of the 18-year-old Kylian Mbappé. They ended it by threading a move through Monaco that was so accomplished there seemed to be more blue shirts than red in the away side’s area.Then there was Sergio Agüero, who was denied a penalty in a collision with the Monaco goalkeeper Danijel Subasic by the Spanish referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz, a decision which might euphemistically be described as brave in the Uefa-phobic atmosphere of the Etihad. In keeping with the night Agüero went on to score another two, and even he seemed to come out from under that cloud which can seem to follow him round, and be transformed by the occasion. Here are the highlights for more.


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