Day 58-Housemates Concerned About A ‘Fake’ Housemate#BBNaija

Day 58-Housemates Concerned About A ‘Fake’ Housemate#BBNaija

The #BBNaija Nigerian Entertainment Week has been an enlightening one where the Housemates have learnt from the best in the industry.

They were shown the ropes by some of the biggest audio-visual artists in the business starting with Don Jazzy, on Day 57.

Bisola and Marvis spent part of the day reminiscing about the music producer’s visit and they gushed while speaking about the recording session.

More so, Bisola appears to have taken a liking for the cinematography Task where she assumed the role of Assistant Director for the video and Director for the short film.

She was so immersed in the task that she even came up with the Horror movie concept and wrote the script too. She however gave accolades to Bassey, whom she called a natural director and Marvis all but agreed with her.

Debbie-Rise and TBoss also agreed with their pairs with the fact that they had found T-Base‘ session very enlightening with the latter saying she couldn’t wait to start experimenting with all the buttons she’d never known how to operate.

Debbie-Rise on her part said she was happy with the way the director explained technical terms in a manner that was easy to digest and the pace at which he went about his work.

Things have however taken a different turn for the #BBNaija housemates who overheard a deliberately leaked audio that was released a few weeks back which mentioned that there was a fake Housemate in the House.

Bally was of the opinion that TBoss might be the fake Housemate, given the fact that she was the first person to go to the Diary Room when they came into the House and she’d survived Eviction a number of times.

Some of the other #BBNaija Housemates however felt that ThinTallTony was the fake Housemate, as they couldn’t make sense of how such a strong competitor could get eliminated easily.

By the time the #BBNaija Housemates were done with the Diary Sessions, Bisola had finished with her script and had mapped out the scenes for their short film with the help of Bassey.

As she explained the Housemates characters, she joked about TBoss‘ character complementing the “clean” and “sanitary” floor.

She also revealed that Marvis and Bally would share a passionate kiss and Efe immediately screamed  “Ultimate Kisser!”, protesting the fact that he could also play the role of the husband while everyone laughed.


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