Casillas Says He Had A ‘Love Affair’ With Mourinho

Casillas Says He Had A ‘Love Affair’ With Mourinho

Real Madrid Legendary Keeper, Iker Casillas has opened up  that he had a love affair with Jose Mourinho.Chill I know what  you are thinking,it’s not that.

Porto FC goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, has described his relationship with Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid, as a “love” affair that ended.

Casillas and Mourinho fell out after the Portuguese dropped him to the bench in December 2012.

He was eventually restored as Carlo Ancelotti’s first choice during the 2013/2014 campaign and he has now opened up on how his relationship with Mourinho became strained.

“At the beginning there was a lot of connection, we interacted a lot, but in the end, there wasn’t a very good feeling,” Casillas said in an interview with Movistar+ show “Fiebremaldini.”

“It’s like a couple, at the beginning you are very much in love and then it is no longer enough.”

Casillas spent 25 years at Madrid and made 725 appearances for the club before signing for Porto in 2015.


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