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BBN Housemates Up For Eviction This Week #BBNaija Day 15

Big Brother Nigeria 2017, BBN themed “See Gobe” started off as fire. Housemates bonded quickly but with time, got to realize the game had only begun as last week’s evictions saw two housemates “Soma” and “Miyonse” leave the house.
Yesterday, as nomination went down, five housemates were put up for eviction which are; TTT (Thin Tall Tony), CocoIce, Bassey, Bisola and Debbie Rise.

After announcing the people up for eviction this week, the Supreme Supreme Biggie asked the HOH(Head of House) Efe to save a housemate and replace that housemate with another. Immediately, Efe saved TTT and replaced him with Gifty in a rather cruel yet satisfactory fashion to many viewers.
As it stands now in alphabetical order, BASSEY, BISOLA, COCOICE, DEBBIERISE and GIFTY are up for eviction. WHO LEAVES AND WHO STAYS? No one knows
VOTE and keep your favorite housemates in. STAY TUNED


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