Nigerians React To Buhari,Saraki Meeting In London,Abuja House

Nigerians React To Buhari,Saraki Meeting In London,Abuja House

President Muhammadu Buhari had the second meeting in one week with Bukola Saraki, the Senate president and some Nigerians reacted to the meeting,

According to presidency, the event took place in the evening of Today, February 19.

In their reactions, some Nigerians wondered why the citizens were being taken for a ride because of the manner the issue surrounding the president’s health was being handled.

Bartholomew Ezeonu, one of those who reacted, queried: “Again? I thought they’ve met before. Or have you people succeeded in producing unquestionable photoshop? We are waiting for you guys to release the pictures tomorrow. Or possibly you people might have videoshoped this time around.”

On his part, Ahmad Adewuyi simply mocked: “London , the new aso rock.”

Aliyu Suleiman Lengtu said: “Mr President, you are a great man and leader.we love and wish well.”

Orseer Orban said: “It well, but all we Nigerians need is flexibility, the government of the day lacks flexibility and that’s where they’re getting it wrong. All the same, as a good Nigerian, I wish Mr president quick recovery of health. God bless Nigeria!!”


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