Fire Burns

Fire Burns

It burns.

Dear girl,if it is fire you are looking for,

Remember that fire burns.

So as you twirl around in your red gypsy skirt,

With chrysanthemum flowers entwined in your hair,

Doing that dance that makes everyone stop and stare,

Remember that fire burns.

As your body moves in perfect sync with the beat of the earth,

As your beaded waist does that seductive snake move,

As you turn your face up to the heavens,as if rendering a silent prayer to the power that be,

Remember that fire burns.

So, as you take hearts and shatter them,

As you walk all over a clean soul leaving muddy prints behind,

As you take whatever you want without a care in the world,

Remember that fire burns,

And it leaves terrible scars.





I'm your worst Nightmare,a small fry ,with a big attitude.

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