Arjen Robben Says Bayern Was Prepared To Beat Arsenal

Arjen Robben Says Bayern Was Prepared To Beat Arsenal

Bayern Munich were looking foward  to completely destroy  Arsenal and were prepared to do so according to Arjen Robben. If you ask me,they did actually.

Bayern opened the scoring, before Alexis Sanchez restored parity as they went into the break, unfortunately, the match ended 5-1, much to the humiliation of Arsenal.

And Robben felt Arsenal’s style of play played into Bayern Munich’s hand.

“It was a little bit like [exhibition] play from our side,” he told Dutch broadcaster Veronica TV.

“Our football wasn’t that great. It was a different game since they [Arsenal] are a team that want to play football. They gave much space away. We had some great attacking play.

“I can politically correctly say that there’s still 90 minutes to play for. But normally this is it. We said to each other ‘we need to finish it now’. We saw their heads were hanging. It’s not over, but we can’t let it slide now.”

He added: “I have to say I’m a little surprised at our good display – although on the other hand I’m not. We’re rock-solid when it’s do-or-die. The team just have great character.

“We shouldn’t have conceded the equaliser. Overall we dominated the match and were in control, scoring beautiful goals in the second half.”


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